Love at First Sit

Do you love the style and look of an Adirondack chair but have difficulty getting out of it?

The Addy chair is where the style and look of a traditional chair meet the ease and comfort. These chairs have raised rear legs, creating less slope so that anyone can be comfortable and stand up with ease.

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What’s the point of having uncomfortable outdoor furniture? With the Addy Chair, you’ll love the look– and you’ll comfortably enjoy your time on your deck or patio.

Come on over, have a seat, and try it yourself.
We know you will love our Addy Chair!

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Product Overview

If you have trouble getting in and out of an Adirondack but love the traditional style then this upright Adirondack is the chair for you. The arms are higher and the seat has been raised to create less slope. Otherwise it's just the same great chair!


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The Addy chair comes in a variety of colors to match even the trendiest of decors.